We put to work the ENERGY that is left behind.

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Birdsong Associates, Inc.

Frank A Birdsong Sr, PE started his company as a sole-proprietorship in 1954 after retiring from military service post-WWII.

Birdsong Associates incorporated in 1985 after Edmond Birdsong (also a mechanical engineer) partnered with his father, Frank.​​​

  • Very much of what we do is effectively problem solving vis-à-vis a customized approach in most cases.
  • We work directly with private industry to custom design heat-recovery process to benefit existing and planned operations.
  • Symbiosis is best exemplified when we collaborate with power generation providers who appreciate that our systems are very often the perfect complement to theirs.
  • Working closely with consulting engineering firms on complex, fully integrated cooling and CHP solutions throughout the various project development stages is a particularly rewarding experience, especially when it all comes together as designed.
  • Our projects range from US mainland and Central America to the Caribbean, Persian Gulf and Singapore. Therefore, "boots on the ground" and "hands-on" are a matter of company policy. There is no shortcut to riding the learning curve.

who we are

our approach

At Birdsong Associates, Inc. we engineer applications of specific technologies, mostly involving heat-transfer energy balances in its various embodiments for the purposes of cooling solutions, process chilling and heating and waste heat recovery.  Waste heat recovery, also known as Combined Heat & Power (CHP) typically is a combination of all of the above.  In that capacity we facilitate the implementation of hot-water and steam generators and absorption chillers plus modular cooling towers, heat-exchangers and heat-dump radiators.